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Business Skills Training

Improving and maintaining individual and organizational business acumen is essential. In an increasingly competitive and challenging market, it’s crucial that we refine and develop our business skills.

Courses and Lessons

Our business skills training is tailored to meet your communication and professional needs. Our courses offer a wide range of skills that will help you to compete in an international environment.

Communication Skills:

Improve your communication skills in order to communicate effectively either on the phone, by email, delivering presentations, giving feedback or negotiating with your valued clients.


Team Building Skills:

Enhancing collaboration within internal are external teams are essential in building success. Grow you teambuilding skills in coaching, giving assessments, mentoring, delegating, and managing conflict. Further creating a cohesive team and improving company results,

Time Management Skills:

Maximising our time effectively and efficiently is challenging even to the most experienced managers. Our course focusses on setting your priorities more effectively, delegating more of your workload and creating a more balanced work schedule.

Leadership and Management Skills:

Lead and manage your teams more effectively through delegating, improving communication up and down your company structure, help with interviewing potential new candidates, developing strategies, and motivating your staff.


Our consultants will meet with you free of charge to discuss your needs and our programs and courses. First of all we will assess your business requirements, next assess your colleague’s current English proficiency levels, then design a business skills course that is specific to your company and finally set up a learning schedule that is flexible for you and your staff either online, in house or at our school.

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